Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Facial rejuvenation

Dr. Nolan offers a number of cosmetic procedures to soften the appearance of facial lines and folds.


Anti wrinkle injections

Most lines, especially in the upper part of the face, are caused by the action of underlying muscles. These muscles can be selectively weakened by the injection of a small amount of precisely placed toxin.



This treatment is highly effective

for glabellar lines

(Lines between the eyebrows)



Forehead or frown lines



And, crows feet around the eyes

Several other areas such as bunny lines, marionette lines(at the corners of the mouth), and smokers lines may also be amenable to treatment with this technique.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are designed to be injected underneath lines and folds in the skin to give the effect of plumping them out. These products are usually injected after applying a local anaesthetic cream beforehand and have no effect on muscle movement. For this reason they are suitable for lines in the lower part of the face. They can also be used to plump out thin or ill defined lips



Dermal Volumisers

As we age we lose volume in the mid face region - at and below the cheekbones. This can worsen the appearance iof folds and lines in the lower half of the face.

Dermal volumisers are placed around and below the cheekbone area to elevate the lower half of the face and improve the appearance of nasolabial and marionette lines and folds.


Dermal volumisers have a very natural and subtle appearance and can last for up to 2 years.











Nasolabial folds before Treatment






Nasolabial folds after Treatment







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