Varicose Vein Treatment Adelaide

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy (UGS) and the treatment of varicose veins

UGS is a safe and effective method for the eradication of varicose veins. Unlike surgery there is no need for hospitalization or a general anesthetic, there is also no downtime or need to take time off work.




A consultation will be booked with Dr. Nolan in which you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire. The Doctor will examine your veins, perform a duplex ultrasound scan to map any abnormal veins and explain the procedure of UGS including costing. You may elect to proceed with treatment on the day, book a subsequent appointment, or elect not to proceed with further treatment.



Vein Treatment

The actual UGS treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.UGS is performed using ultrasound technology to locate the hidden abnormal veins and allow the Doctor to safely and accurately inject the veins with a sclerosant foam.

Following the injection procedure you will be fitted with a one legged compression stocking and be asked to walk normally for 30 minutes.

After your walk you are free to leave.

You are able to drive yourself to and from your appointment and you can go straight back to your normal duties and work if you wish.

You are required to wear the compression stocking for 2 weeks after UGS. A follow up appointment will be made on the day for between 2 weeks and a month later. The stocking can be removed after 2 weeks of wear.

It is quite normal for treated veins to be quite lumpy and tender with overlying brown pigmentation when the stocking is removed. This is a normal aspect of the healing process and indicates a successful outcome. The appearance of the treated vein rapidly improves over a few weeks with continued improvement expected over several months.



How successful is UGS?

The majority of patients undergoing UGS will only require one treatment on each leg to eliminate their varicose veins.

About 10% of patients will need some additional treatment (usually to a segment, not the entire vein). This is more likely when very large veins are treated.

It is important to remember that there is no permanent cure (including surgery) for varicose veins as this is a lifelong condition.




UGS before treatment



UGS 2 weeks after treatmen



UGS before treatment



UGS 4 months after treatment
















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Varicose Vein Treatment Adelaide