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Laser for Warts and Skin Tags

Laser is a very fast and accurate way of treating a variety of unsightly skin lesions including brown or senile warts (also known as seb. k’s) and skin tags. The laser energy is absorbed by the wart or skin tag and will fall off in the week after treatment whilst the skin underneath heals. There are a number of advantages to treating lesions like this with laser including speed (many lesions can be treated at once), minimal aftercare – there is no need for suturing, dressings or to keep the area dry. And minimal scarring because of the level of accuracy and control that a laser offers.

Our clinic will generally book 20-minute ($280) or 30-minute ($380) appointments depending on the number of lesions to be treated. Some treatment may be eligible for a Medicare rebate.
Numerous seb. K’s on the neck before (L) and after (R) treatment
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