Facial Vein Treatment

Facial veins are fine, red, thread like veins that appear on the cheeks, nose, chin and sometimes chest of affected individuals.

There a number of different factors that are thought to contribute to their development including genetics, sun exposure, trauma, certain lifestyle factors and, medical conditions such as Rosacea.

Their presence tends to give the face a ‘flushed’ appearance and both women and men are often find them cosmetically unacceptable.

One of the most effective way to remove facial veins is with a specialised medical laser known as a Copper Bromide laser.

The yellow light emitted by the laser is selectively absorbed by the red pigment in the capillaries, destroying the capillaries but leaving the surrounding skin intact. The treatment involves some mild stinging followed by some redness for a couple of days (similar to mild sunburn) the redness can be covered with makeup if necessary. Results are typically dramatic even after one treatment.

More than one treatment may be required with more numerous facial veins.

Dr. Emma Nolan has extensive experience with the use of the Copper Bromide laser.

Treatment sessions start from approximately $280. A Medicare rebate may be applicable in more severe cases.


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