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Laser for Age Spots

Age spots are brown or grey spots that tend to occur on areas of the body that have had chronic sun exposure such as hands, faces, backs and arms. They are also known as liver spots or solar lentigines.

Age spots are harmless, but if there is any doubt about your diagnosis you should consult a Dermatologist or Specialist skin care clinic.

Although harmless a lot of people dislike the appearance of age spots and wish to have them removed. Removal by a specific medical laser is generally the most effective treatment.

The Copper Bromide laser is one of the most effective and fastest ways to remove age spots. The green light that the laser emits specifically targets the skin cells that contain pigment leaving the surrounding skin cells intact. The procedure involves a mild stinging sensation.

After treatment the age spots will look slightly darker. Over the next one to two weeks the dried upper portion of the age spot will come off leaving the unpigmented skin to heal underneath.
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