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Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins are fine thread like veins that tend to be pink or purple in colour. Reticular veins are slightly larger veins that have a blue colour (they are smaller than varicose veins). These veins can occur because of genetic tendencies, pregnancy, prolonged standing, or trauma to the legs.

The most successful treatment for spider and reticular veins is a technique called sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy involves injecting the veins with a substance called a sclerosant via tiny needles. The sclerosant damages the inside of the vein and the body automatically converts the vein to scar tissue – this causes the veins to shrink and disappear.

Treatment sessions are typically booked for 45 mins – your doctor will advise you if you are likely to need more than one treatment. Sclerotherapy involves very little discomfort and no downtime – usual activities can be resumed immediately. You are not usually required to wear a compression stocking for smaller veins.

Our clinic charges $450 for a 45-minute treatment – you may be eligible to get a Medicare rebate of $95 which can usually be refunded on the day. Follow up treatment may be necessary, again, your doctor will advise you if she considers this necessary.
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