Brown or Senile Warts Removal

Seborrhoeic keratoses / brown or senile warts and laser removal

Seborrheic keratosis also known as brown or senile warts are raised, wart like, brown or black lesions that tend to appear as we age.

They can occur anywhere on the body, however, the face and scalp and torso are the most commonly affected areas.

Some individuals are far more prone than others to their development.

They do not appear to relate to sun exposure, but, genetics, ageing and skin trauma may all play a role. Seborrhoeic keratosis are always benign but they can be cosmetically unsightly.

One of the most effective and fastest ways to remove seborrheic keratosis is with the Copper Bromide laser.

Veins on the face or chest

The laser is a very specific way of targeting only the keratosis itself leaving the underlying skin untraumatised. Large number of keratosis can be treated in one session. The treatment involves a stinging sensation (anaesthetic can be used as needed) the keratosis will become darker and crusty in appearance and will automatically come off in one to two weeks as the skin underneath it heals.

Dr. Emma Nolan has extensive experience with the use of the Copper Bromide laser.

Sessions start from approximately $280. Many keratoses can be treated in one session, however, more than one treatment may be required if they are extensive.

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